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Base Turret

Base Health:




Firing rate:

2.2 seconds

Upgrade 1:

(1500 Credits)

Upgrade 2:

(1500 Credits)

Upgrade 3:

(2000 Credits)

Upgrade 4:

(2000 Credits)

Base Turrets are powerful weapon emplacements and are the only pre-placed defenses in Tribes: Ascend. There are typically 2-3 turrets around each base on a map.


Base Turrets automatically track and fire upon enemies in range. They can predict a target's path and intercept them unless they are moving at very high speed. These turrets fire very powerful energy blasts every 2.2 seconds that deal 650 damage. As of Version 1.0.1244.1 Turrets are protected by a shield which quickly recharges. The shield will recharge between Spinfusor shots, effectively eliminating solo disk-sniping, however two players can bring a turret down using this method.


Only explosive weapons will damage enemy Base Turrets. An explosive weapon used on a turret will deal 120% of its normal damage. The most effective way to destroy a turret is to use the Juggernaut's Fusion Mortar or MIRV Launcher, or the Raider'sArx Buster and Grenade Launcher.


Base Turrets can be upgraded 4 times by spending credits earned in a match. Each upgrade increases the turret's firing rate.