The Beowulf Tank on Arx Novena
Cost (Credits) 2500
Health 8000
Energy 70
Primary Weapon Cannon - 2000
Primary Clip Size 1
2nd Weapon Chaingun - 100
2nd Clip Size 100
Reload Time 3.82
Top Speed  ?
# of Seats 2
Max # Allowed 2
The Beowulf is one of the vehicles in the game Tribes: Ascend. It is a remake of a vehicle in Tribes 2.

The Beowulf has two seats, the driver controls the Main Cannon and the secondary gunner has a mounted Machine gun.

The Beowulf tank is a 8000 health, slow moving monster of a vehicle, that fires a ballistic projectile similar to the ones used by the Grenade Launcher , and the Thumper DX. This cannon weapon is arguably the best weapon availible to players; the projectile deals a massive 2,000 (4,000 against vehicles) damage on direct contact to a target, and has high armor penetration. The blast radius of the explosion is about twice the radius of the Grenade XL, and the damage dealt falls off from 2,000 to about a still impressive 500 (at the very edge of the blast.)

The Beowulf can also be occupied by another friendly player, who can man the machine gun. The primary purpose of this weapon is to shoot down Sabre Missiles. The machine gun can also discourage enemy players, kill fleeing players at low health, and destroy Mines.


  • Make every shot count, the beowulf has a painful 4 second cooldown on its cannon.
  • Having a large health pool does not mean you are invincible; a beowulf can be taken down by the enemy base's many defense turrets rather quickly, especially if they are upgraded.
  • The Beowulf cannon has more range than the mentioned turrets, so destroy them before getting in range.
  • Beowulf on Beowulf tank battles are fairly common in the game; get to a point of cover to guarentee a victory, Beowulf tanks die to each other in two hits, thus if you have landed the first hit (and have about 5000 health), you can charge the other tank without worry.
  • Beowulf tanks, as of the most recent patch, can be reparied by technicians. It is better to call a buddy for help and retreat than to waste your tank trying for more kills.
  • The Beowulf tank turret tracks at half the set scrolling speed of your mouse. When you buy a Beowulf go into your game options and double your mouse sensitivity for an easier time piloting. The biggest disadvantage to the Beowulf is its low tracking speed; fix it from the start so a single player can't outrun your tracking and whitle your health down.
  • Firing at the enemy flag is usually a good way to kill anyone who is protecting it, even if you cant see them.
  • You can damage your own tank with Beowulf cannon shells. Do not fire at nearby objects; even if they would result in a kill, you will deal more net damage to yourself.
  • Beowulf tanks will destroy a Technician 's Deployable Turret and a Doombringer's Force Field wall by simply driving into them, so don't waste a shell on these targets.
  • If a Beowulf occupies the same space as the flag for more than a second, the Beowulf auto-destructs.
  • FLAGSITTING HAS NOW BEEN ALL BUT REMOVED FROM THE GAME, the only remaining method is to drive onto a flag point that does not currently have a flag, and wait. When the flag re-appears, you will be able to occupy the same space.
  • The tank's name is also an epic poem, literally. It is the oldest surviving British poem ever.

With the correct perks applied, a player can wield an 9,750 health Beowulf for only 1,750 credits.