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SerialPeriph SerialPeriph 3 February 2012

Patch 0.1.742


Today is February 3, 2012, just a day after Hi-Rez Studios released patch 0.1.742 for Tribes: Ascend. This is patch added a ton of major changes to how Tribes: Ascend works, a few examples are the introduction of customization, the merge of 3 classes (where previously there was 12 classes, now this is only 9), and the addition of extra weapons. If you haven't read over the patch note, they may be found here.

This patched changed how classes worked, making the class system no longer static. This new dynamic class system voids our class specific articles. The new class articles will need incorporate the availability of new weapons and the changes in upgrading that class.

Of course with the merger of Ranger into Soldier, Jumper into Pathf…

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SerialPeriph SerialPeriph 7 December 2011

Coming Along Nicely

Well Hello again,

It has been just a bit more than week (, ha.

I things are moving along smoothly. The Beginner's Guide is done and now only needs to be criticized. All the Classes have got a high level description. Pushed back from my last blog are the roles/strategies of each class but I feel that those sections should be written by people that have proven themselves as competent player with that class.

I believe that for this week our focus should be on:

  • Maps
Map pages should be able to inform the user about location of all assets, flag stand, simple cappers routes, and basic strategy. I will be inquiring into whether Hi-Rez can offer any assistance in a map overview, since …
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SerialPeriph SerialPeriph 24 November 2011

To be completed


Things that I am looking to work on this week is

  • Beginner's Guide to Tribes ascend

This article will focus on the basics from controls & skiing/jetpacking to leading projectile shots. Have anything to add to it? please do!

  • Description of classes

Just high level obvious stuff

  • Roles of classes

More indepth tactics and strategies for each class. Have a class that you own(by that I mean win matches not just DM skills) at? feel free to write that classes strat, k thanks.

  • Maintain a Unity for Tribes: Ascend pages

By this I mean make sure each class/weapon/map page have the same information for the ease of the end users.

Things that need to be done not necessarily this week/end

  • weapon pages

Information about each weapon(DPS, speed, etc.)

  • Categorize pages…

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