Bolt Launcher
Equipment Slot Primary Weapon
Class Pathfinder
Damage Type Ballistic Explosive



Fire Rate

Clip Size 1
Ammo Count 19 (29)

Upgrade 1 +5 Ammo
Upgrade 2 +20% Damage vs Armored
Upgrade 3 +5 Ammo

Gold cost 240
XP cost 42000
Mastering cost 15000

The Bolt Launcher is a ballistic explosive weapon used by the Pathfinder class in Tribes: Ascend. It can be unlocked for 240 Gold or 42000 XP.

"While some would say it's not as elegant as a disc, this bolt packs a strong punch." In-Game Description.

It does 877 damage on a direct-hit and a massive amount of 2730 against a shrike.


The Bolt Launcher fires explosive projectiles in a short arc. It's range is limited, however the explosive bolts do high damage in a relatively small area. A scope allows the bolt launcher to be fired while zoomed in. As an explosive weapon the Bolt Launcher can damage base assets such as Base Turrets.