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Armor Type Heavy
Health 2400 (2600)
Energy 80 (85)
Primary Heavy Spinfusor
Devastator Spinfusor
Secondary Automatic Shotgun
Nova Colt
Plasma Cannon
The Hammer
Belt Fractal Greande
Light Sticky Grenade
Extended Fractal Grenade
Pack Energy pack
Heavy Shield Pack
Survival Pack
Gold cost 280
EXP cost 9000

The Brute is one of the unlockable heavy classes in the game Tribes: Ascend. It can be unlocked for 140 Gold or 9000 XP.


Brute Ratings.png

The Brute is a heavy class, capable of both defense and Heavy Offense. Equipped with a Heavy Spinfusor, Gladiator, or Devastator Spinfusor, he can deal massive damage to his enemies at medium range. If an opponent does get too close, a shot from the Automatic Shotgun or The Hammer can quickly eliminate them. The Plasma Cannon is also a viable option if used in the right hands. The Brute has to be creative when standing on the flag (HoF), since he will have mid-air shots, body blocks and his grenades to deter incoming foes. The Nova Colt is a powerful replacement for the shotguns; better suited for longer range damage and ideal for finishing off opponents.

Some of this class' favorite weapons are the powerful (and widely popular) Fractal Grenades and Extended Fractals. The Fractal Grenade deals damage to an area over time and can be deadly indoors. The Extended Fractal Grenade, though dealing slightly less damage, has effects that last longer and are better suited for area denial. Brutes have another belt option as well; the Light Sticky Grenade allows the Brute to deal a large amount of damage to the enemy base. Though these grenades are often overshadowed by the Infiltrator's Sticky Grenades, they are still able to wreck havoc on enemy generators, turrets, and radar.

A Brute can choose between the Energy Pack, providing him with more maneuverability, the Shield Pack, absorbing more damage and keeping himself alive longer, or the Survival Pack, which gives is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, increasing health by 200, run speed by 25% and increasing energy regeneration by 15%.


The Brute currently has the following skin(s):


Armor Upgrades[]

(15000 XP Mastery)

  1. +100 Health
  2. -25% Regeneration Delay
  3. +5 Energy
  4. +25% Health Regen Rate
  5. +100 Health
Weapon/Item (Projectile) Type Damage (Range - Dmg) Cost Effect
Heavy Spinfusor(P) Projectile Direct/Splash - 1050/750-350 Free Spinfusor Type
Gladiator(P) Explosive Direct/Splash - 1120/800 500 300 420GP / 37500XP Projectile detonates on direct hit or 3x after short delay
Plasma Cannon(S) Projectile Direct/Splash - 575/575-220 500GP / 44000XP Very low knockback
Devastator Spinfusor(P) Projectile Direct/Splash - 1204/700-350 160GP / 9000XP Spinfusor Type
Automatic Shotgun(S) Hit Scan Short/Medium - 8*50-8*19 Free None
Nova Colt(S) Hit Scan Medium - 190-124 240GP / 21000XP None
The Hammer(S) Hit Scan Short/Medium - 8*60 120GP / 7000XP Higher damage, less ammo than Automatic Shotgun
Shocklance Hit Scan Energy - 700 420GP / 37500 XP Short-Range, 1400 damage back shot
Fractal Grenade Thrown Direct - 23*410 Free Knockback
Light Sticky Grenade Thrown Attached/Splash - 1100/1100(?) 40GP / 2400XP Attaches to target, Knockback
Extended Fractal Grenade Thrown Direct - 40*390 160GP / 9000XP Knockback, extended duration
Energy Pack Self Buff None Free Minor increase to maximum energy
Shield Pack Self Buff None 420GP / 37500XP When damage is taken your energy is drained rather than your health
Survival Pack Self Buff None 240GP / 21000XP Energy, HP, Run and Regen buff
Armor Heavy 2400 Health Free Heavy Weight

(P) - Primary Slot (S) - Secondary Slot


Recommended Perks[]

Perk Slot 1

  • Ultra Capacitor 1 is a great perk considering that you have only 85 maximum energy, and have a shield pack that is powered off of it. A higher energy cap means that you will be a little bit safer. Not a necessary choice if you have the Energy Pack equipped.
  • Bounty Hunter is also a great perk to have if you like spending your Credits for your Team's Benefit. Since you deal a large amount of damage, you will earn more credits much faster.
  • Safety Third gives you extra fractal grenades and sticky grenades.

Perk Slot 2

  • Survivalist on the Brute has to be one of the best combinations in the game. With the full upgrade you get 20% of your health back, and 40% of your energy, meaning even more effective health. This allows you to stay in the fight for longer than any other class. No other perks synergize this well.
  • Potential Energy Many weapons (those most commonly used) in Tribes: Ascend have aoe and taking a direct hit is far less common than taking their splash damage. If you plan to have a shield pack active, this perk will make it last longer. Unlike survivalist, this does not require you to go searching for ammo drops but won't heal you either.
  • Egocentric It is difficult not to get hit by your own fractal grenades and other explosives while fighting indoors. If this becomes too much of a problem, use this perk. This perk is also useful when trying to get to the base or retreat faster.

Video Guides[]

How to Wreck Shop w/ Brute by Vol1tion


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