Capture and Hold (C&H) is a game mode in Tribes, Tribes 2, and Tribes: Ascend. In this mode players compete for control of multiple Control Points (pictured). These points can be inside bases, towers, or other important structures. When a player touches a control point there is a 5 second period where the ownership of the point changes teams. After this the Base Assets tied to the control point will come under the team's control. Each 5 seconds after taking ownership of a control point the team scores 1 point. Victory is achieved after a team reaches 300-500 points depending on the number of control points on the map.

Currently a player must have a rank of at least 6 (Squadman III) to play in a C&H match.


The following maps are available for C&H:


The Voice Game System has been updated to include special commands for C&H:

  • [VA1] - “Attack point A!”
  • [VA2] - “Attack point B!”
  • [VA3] - “Attack point C!”
  • [VA4] - “Attack point D!”
  • [VA5] - “Attack point E!”
  • [VD1] - “Defend point A!”
  • [VD2] - “Defend point B!”
  • [VD3] - “Defend point C!”
  • [VD4] - “Defend point D!”
  • [VD5] - “Defend point E!”
  • [VSA1] - “I’ll attack point A.”
  • [VSA2] - “I’ll attack point B.”
  • [VSA3] - “I’ll attack point C.”
  • [VSA4] - “I’ll attack point D.”
  • [VSA5] - “I’ll attack point E.”
  • [VSD1] - “I’ll defend point A.”
  • [VSD2] - “I’ll defend point B.”
  • [VSD3] - “I’ll defend point C.”
  • [VSD4] - “I’ll defend point D.”
  • [VSD5] - “I’ll defend point E.”

Video GuidesEdit

Capture and Hold Review by TotalBiscuit (Cynical Brit)

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