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Weapons in Tribes: Ascend are divided into several categories, based on how they function. While there are many subcategories of weapons (see below), most fit into the following groups:


Spinfusors are straight-firing, long-range weapons that explode on impact. They are the iconic weapons of the Tribes series. Some examples of spinfusors are:

Light Spinfusor
Heavy Spinfusor
Stealth Spinfusor

Ballistic Weapons[]

Ballistic weapons are similar to Spinfusors except they are affected by gravity and thus have a shorter range due to projectile drop. Ballistic weapons fire in arcs. Some examples of ballistic weapons are:

Bolt Launcher
Fusion Mortar
Arx Buster

Projectile Weapons[]

Projectile weapons fire bullet-like rounds that do not suffer projectile drop due to gravity. They are typically long-range weapons with a high rate-of-fire. Some examples of projectile weapons are:

Assault Rifle
Nova Blaster
Rhino SMG

Hitscan Weapons[]

Hitscan weapons instantly hit any target in their crosshair if it is within range. Players do not need to lead targets with hitscan weapons. Some examples of hitscan weapons are:

Eagle Pistol
Phase Rifle
Sawed-Off Shotgun

Thrown Weapons[]

Thrown Weapons are usually belt items such as grenades. Some are time-detonated and some explode on impact. Some examples of thrown weapons are:

Impact Nitron
Frag Grenade
Fractal Grenade
EMP Grenade

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