Children of Phoenix
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Phoenix Prime

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Navaj Erath
Sehrganda Prime
Tycho Brahe IV
Asta Michaelis
Crucis Stigmata
Ashkelon III

The Children of Phoenix are one of the Four Great Tribes in the Tribes universe. Nicknamed "preachers" or "crusaders," they were the first "tribe" made up of settlers who left the Terran Empire and went out into the galaxy to colonize other worlds. The leader of the Children is know as Phoenix Prime. Their ultimate goal is reunification of all tribes under the Phoenix banner.

In Tribes: Ascend the Children have only been hinted at. The bases in the CTF map Temple Ruins have Phoenix symbols all over them (pictured), and the Griever skin for the Raider class has a looted Phoenix belt.


In 3400 after many years of isolation, human settlers calling themselves the Children of Phoenix began to consider themselves a tribe, due largely to their nomadic ways. The Children claim to follow the teachings of Harabec (Phoenix) Weathers, a hero of the Cybrid wars and one of the mysterious Immortals. These teachings eventually find their way into written form as the Tenets of Harabec.

In 3450 the Children were attacked by an order of Imperial Knights known as the Blood Eagle. The attack is ferocious and masterfully orchestrated, resulting is what is known as the "Splintering". The Children were divided into several smaller, self-sustaining tribes. Around this time in 3455 Blood Eagle deserters and renegade Children join and form the Starwolf tribe. By 3500 the intensity of this conflict has faded, but warfare was still a constant part of tribal life.

In 3671 the Children of Phoenix hosted the first Firetruce. This event, planned to take place twice a century thereafter, was an intertribal celebration and festival. It included martial games, trade, diplomacy as well as intrigue. The Children hoped that these events would help reduce the feuding among the tribes and eventually bring peace to the Wilderzone. As the oldest tribe, the Phoenix saw it as their responsibility to maintain order in the Wilderzone. To this end, they often offer to mediate disputes between other tribes.


Phoenix Armors from Tribes-Vengeance

Phoenix Armors from Tribes:Vengeance

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