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Armor Type Heavy
Health 2300 (2500)
Energy 80 (90)
Primary Chain Gun
Heavy Bolt Launcher
Chain Cannon
Secondary Saber Launcher
Titan Launcher
Belt Frag Grenade
Defective Frag Grenade
Pack Force Field
Gold cost 240
EXP cost 9000

The Doombringer is one of the unlockable heavy classes in the game Tribes: Ascend. It can be unlocked for 140 Gold or 9000 XP.


Doombringer Ratings.png

This heavy class excels at defense as it is heavily armored and capable of dealing a lot of damage per second. The Doombringer's loadout is designed to make him an effective Heavy-on-Flag (HoF). He carries a Chain Gun as his main weapon to ward away any enemies that come near the base. The Chain Gun is a high-speed projectile based weapon, that requires the Doombringer to lead the target to maximize damage. The optional main weapon bought via gold or XP is the Heavy Bolt Launcher. This offers the Doombringer an explosive weapon for engaging at longer ranges and denying the flag via the explosive damage.

The secondary weapon for the Doombringer is an anti-vehicle Saber Launcher which will lock onto vehicles. It will also lock onto enemies but only while they are in the air. The lock on is instantly lost when their feet touch the ground. Through the use of the Saber Launcher's ability to lock on to vehicles at safe distances, they are ideal for taking out Beowulfs and Shrikes. Another secondary weapon, the Titan Launcher, was released in the Accelerate update. The Titan is a dumb-fire missile that will detonate after 1 second in the air, enabling the Doombringer to use it either as a short-range explosive weapon, or for anti-air suppression.

The Doombringer also has a deployable Force Field, which will block incoming weapon fire and injure any foes that pass through the field proportional to their current speed. The Doombringer initially carries Frag Grenades, similar to the Soldier's. They can exchange these for Mines that will detonate when an enemy passes over them.

The Doombringer's primary role is defense. They excel at defending either the generator or the flag, but are most effective when they pick one or the other. When necessary, a fully-upgraded Doombringer can assist in defending both the generator and flag on small maps, such as Crossfire; however due to the class' slow speed, this does not work well with large maps. The Doombringer can deploy force fields in one location and mines in another, then replace them as needed.


The Doombringer currently has the following skins available:


Armor Upgrades[]

(15000 XP Mastery)

  1. +100 Health
  2. -25% Regeneration Delay
  3. +10 Energy
  4. +25% Health Regen Rate
  5. +100 Health
Weapon/Item (Projectile) Type Damage (Range - Dmg) Cost Effect
Chain Gun(P) Projectile Medium - 95-75 Free Needs to spin-up
Heavy Bolt Launcher(P) Ballistic Direct/Splash - 1050/750-375 240GP / 21000XP Travels in an arc and explodes on contact or after 6 seconds
Chain Cannon(P) Projectile Medium - 115-90(?) 160GP / 9000XP Needs to spin-up
Saber Launcher(S) Tracking Long - 1000 Free Requires a 3-second lock on an airborne enemy or vehicle. Fires a seeking missile, can be shot down
Titan Launcher(S) Rocket Direct/Splash 814(?)/650-325 240GP / 21000XP Fires a straight-firing rocket, self-detonates after a short range.
Shocklance Hit Scan Energy - 700 420GP / 37500 XP Short-Range, 1400 damage back shot
Frag Grenade Throw Splash - 800 Free Knockback
Mines Deployable Splash - 700 420GP / 37500XP Knockback
Defective Frag Grenade Throw Splash - 700 40GP / 2400XP Knockback, large radius
Force Field Deployable Touch - 800-240 Free Absorbs incoming damage (~2000), damages enemies passing through
Armor Heavy 2300 Health Free Heavy Weight

(P)=Primary Weapon (S)=Secondary Weapon


Recommended Perks[]

Perk Slot 1

  • Looter is a good perk to keep you filled with ammo and staying at your post longer. However the effectiveness of this is still debatable since you are staying at your base most of the time.
  • Safety Third is possibly the best choice. The ability to deploy an additional mine can make the defense of your base and flagstand easier.
  • Close Combat is another option which can help you survive Infiltrator ambushes whenever you are defending.

Perk Slot 2

  • Super Heavy allows you to root yourself on the flag to prevent high-speed getaways with less risk of being knocked away. Mastering this perk means that any player who collides with you will suffer damage (much like the Force Field). A favorite for the HoF for most games.
  • Quick Draw can be a good choice for Doombringers who are not on flag defense. Combined with the Heavy Bolt Launcher and Titan Launcher you can deal a huge amount of damage very quickly, although the reloading time will feel extra long.
  • Mechanic is a great way to help your Techies get a better handle on defending the base, often times it's easier for you to head down to the generator room and take care of things than to wait for everything on your base to come back online. It's also usually easy for the HoF to keep the radar in working condition.

Video Guides[]

Heavy on Flag (HoF) Guide by Roxton (Cogs and Ink)

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Beginner Doombringer Guide by JesterLogic (DoubleCrossGaming)

Beginners Doombringer Guide by Buzz (NeverStormGaming)

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