Energy Recharge Pack
Energy pack
Equipment Slot Pack (Self Effect)
Class Pathfinder, Sentinel

Upgrade 1 +4% Recharge Rate
Upgrade 2 +4% Recharge Rate
Upgrade 3 +4% Recharge Rate

Gold cost 240 (Sentinel)
XP cost 42000 (Sentinel)

The Energy Recharge Pack is a pack used in the game Tribes: Ascend. It is used by the Pathfinder and Sentinel classes. It passively increases the regeneration rate of your energy.



For the Sentinel, the Energy Recharge Pack should be used when using the Phase Rifle as it reduces the energy penalties. If using the BXT1 Rifle you should choose the Drop Jammer over this.


As the Pathfinder you should use this pack when capping or chasing. When capping the flag, you can expend more energy to fly up hills and terrain faster than pursuers. If chasing, its a tie between this and the Thrust Pack. The thrust pack gives more bursts of speed while the Energy Regen Pack gives more sustained energy.

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