Grav Cycle
A Grav Cycle on Arx Novena
Cost (Credits) 500
Health 1400
Energy 100
Primary Weapon Rocket Pod - 250
Primary Clip Size 8
Reload Time 3.81
Top Speed 210 kph?
# of Seats 2
Max # Allowed 4?
The Grav Cycle is one of the vehicles in the game Tribes: Ascend. It is a remake of a vehicle in Tribes 2. It carries minimal armor and weapons; a capable player can punch through the armor of the Grav Cycle in only a few seconds with a Spinfusor.

The cycle carries a rocket pod as its primary weapon. These rockets come eight rounds to a clip, have a long reload time, and fairly low damage. In many situations simply ramming into the enemy at high speed will hurt more.

This vehicle is primarily used by chasers to catch up to flag cappers, speed-freaks going after the opponent's flag, or for ferrying around the heavy classes.

With careful timing the grav cycle can be used to launch team members at high speed upon dismounting. With teamwork cappers can gain the necessary speed to grab the flag in highly defended bases