A Heavy on Flag (HoF) is a player in heavy armor who stands on the team's flag stand and defends the flag from enemy Cappers. Although any heavy armor can fill this role, it is usually played by Doombringers.

Role EssentialsEdit

The HoF's job is to stop Cappers from taking the flag and when necessary return it if close by. The HoF is also responsible for picking up the enemy flag and capturing it if the capper drops it near the flag stand. This player may also defend the flag off of the flag stand if it is dropped by an enemy player and falls into a more favorable position. This may happen if, for example a capper drops the flag into the tower on Raindance where it would be impossible for other cappers to grab it at high speed. The HoF must decide when it is safe to return the flag and he is able to defend it. The HoF should spot incoming cappers so that his team's Chasers will be ready and also spot Sentinels or Heavy Offense for other team members to kill before they can clear the flag stand. If the HoF has enough credits, he can also use Strikes to kill troublesome enemies without leaving the stand. It is a common misconception about HoFs that then must stand unmoving on the flag itself. Often moving for just a moment to avoid enemy fire or grab a nearby ammo drop will allow the HoF to defend the flag longer than by just standing still and dying.


Although many players believe that the Chain Gun is the only effective weapon for a HoF it is truly a matter of preference. The Titan Launcher for example is extremely effective at disrupting/killing cappers one their way into the stand. There are however several other pieces of equipment that skilled HoFs will use.

  • Super Heavy is a perk which is used by nearly all HoFs. This perk gives the player extra mass which helps prevent they from being blasted off the flag by enemy players. When mastered, Super Heavy also deals damage to enemy players who crash into the HoF, usually killing them at high speeds.
  • Mines are a HoFs best friend. Unlike Force Fields, they do not require the team's Generator to operate and they can be replenished from ammo drops. Well-placed mines will kill even expert cappers who cannot clear the entire flag stand by themselves. Using the Safety Third perk (mastered) will allow a Doombringer to carry three mines and place four of them.

Voice CommandsEdit

Communicating with your team about defense is vital to good gameplay. Below are some of the common VGS commands used by the HoF:

  • VSDF - I will defend our flag. This command is used to let the team know that you will be playing HoF (they can tell that you are a heavy class by your voice).
  • VFS - Our flag is secure. This command is used to tell the team that the flag is well defended and it is safe for the capper to bring in the enemy flag.
  • VFD/VDF - Defend our Flag! This command is used to tell the team that you need additional defense around the flag stand. It is also used by HoFs who have been killed and are not currently able to defend the flag.
  • VNS - I need support! This command is used to call for general support. It is often paired with other commands such as VSDF and VFD above.
  • VFG - Give me the flag! This command is used when the enemy flag has been brought to your base but your flag has been taken. It tells the capper that you will hold the flag for them until your flag is returned and you can capture it.

Video GuidesEdit

Heavy on Flag Guide by Roxton

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