Impact Nitron
Pathfinder nitron
Equipment Slot Belt Item (Thrown)
Class Pathfinder



Damage 300
Ammo Count 1 (3)

Upgrade 1 +1 Ammo
Upgrade 2 +10% Radius
Upgrade 3 +1 Ammo

Gold cost Free
XP cost Free
Mastering cost 15000

The Impact Nitron is a thrown weapon used by the Pathfinder class in the game Tribes: Ascend.

"Impact Nitrons deal very little damage, but cause massive knockback and force enemies to drop the flag." In-Game Description.


The Impact Nitron is a thrown weapon which causes great knockback to anyone caught in it's blast. It also causes any player it hits to drop the flag if they have it (including the player who threw it). Additionally, the nitron's explosion temporarily deafens the player. Although this weapon will deal damage on a direct hit, it's secondary effects are generally more useful.


Despite interrupting enemy flag carriers, Pathfinders will often use their Nitrons to help accelerate themselves across the map (before they take the flag). This is done by turning backwards while skiing and throwing the nitron on the ground, causing it's knockback to propel the player forward. As of the Twinfusor update however, the Impact Nitron deals less knockback with the same damage, and is thus less useful for propulsion.