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Armor Type Light
Health 800 (1000)
Energy 100 (110)
Primary Rhino SMG
Stealth Spinfusor
Arctic Rhino SMG
Secondary SN7 Silenced Pistol
Throwing Knives
Arctic SN7 Silenced Pistol
Belt Sticky Grenades
Prism Mines
Smoke Grenades
Sticky Grenades XL
Pack Stealth Pack
Gold cost 240
EXP cost 7200

The Infiltrator is one of the unlockable light classes in the game Tribes: Ascend. It can be unlocked for 100 Gold or 7200 XP.


Infiltrator Ratings.png

The Infiltrator lives by the motto "sneak in and blow stuff up." This class is known for their sneaking capabilities and their highly explosive sticky grenades. The Infiltrator is useful for vehicle and base destruction or quietly snuffing out unsuspecting enemy defenders. Armor upgrades can be used to further enhance these capabilities.


In the fast moving world of Tribes it may seem rather strange to have a light armor class that isn't constantly in motion. Most of the time being stationary is a privilege only given to heavy support characters, and even then they will be on the move. In sharp contrast to other roles, the Infiltrator must be patient to get his kills. In one on one combat he is not as dangerous as many other classes, but with the use of his Stealth Pack he can avoid many confrontations, and sneak up on other, easier targets.

The Rhino SMG or the Arctic Rhino SMG both provide some quick, high output damage, while the Stealth Spinfusor allows a single damaging shot that reduced the amount of time unstealthed from firing it, as well as additional mobility with disk-jumping. The Jackal is one of the most versatile weapons in the game; its manually detonated stickies lets the Infiltrator ambush, trap and easily kill enemy infantry. A good tactic to pick off an enemy juggernaut is to stick a grenade onto its back and quickly shoot it; if all goes well, a few shots from your secondary will finish him off. The signature SN7 Silenced Pistol or its slightly more powerful version, the Arctic SN7 Silenced Pistol, allows the Infiltrator clean kills with highly damaging shots and no noise. Two or three shots on a wounded opponent will kill him without alerting other players. The Throwing Knives are a viable alternative that deal higher damage and possess an Area of Effect (though a tiny one). All of these weapons are perfect for sneaking into the base and removing the few obstacles that might inhibit you.

The methods of base destruction are the Sticky Grenades or Sticky Grenades XL, the Infiltrator's bread and butter and main gateway to damage. These grenades are not only devastatingly powerful, but stick to enemy units, allowing a skilled Infiltrator to stick an enemy player, melee them, and run away, netting a kill on the ensuing explosion.

The Prism Mines are an alternative, designed for those who would rather kill players than base defenses. The mines take some getting used to, but can leave a base looking like a ghost town with a little finesse. It can be very effective if the player teams up with other Infiltrators to sabotage enemy Generator Room, or desire to assist friendly Technicians to defend the Generator .

For those who are more concerned with survival than killing, the Smoke Grenades let them instantly cloak without getting revealed through taking damage, letting the Infiltrator make a quick getaway.


The Infiltrator currently has the following skin(s):


Armor Upgrades[]

(15000 XP Mastery)

  1. -25% Regeneration Delay
  2. +10 Energy
  3. +100 Health
  4. +10% Run Speed
  5. +100 Health
Weapon/Item (Projectile) Type Damage (Range - Dmg) Cost Effect
Rhino SMG(P) Projectile Medium - 70-50(?) Free Fires without map detection, quick recloaking
Stealth Spinfusor(P) Projectile Direct/Splash - 700/500-250 420GP / 37500XP Spinfusor Type, quick recloaking
Jackal(P) Explosive Splash - 400-250(?) 500GP / 44000XP Sticks to target, Knockback, Detonates by remote
Arctic Rhino SMG(P) Projectile Medium - 80-56 160GP / 9000XP Fires without map detection, slower rate of fire
SN7 Silenced Pistol(S) Projectile Medium - 170-127 Free Fires without map detection
Throwing Knives(S) Throw Direct - 375 420GP / 37500XP Deals 100 AOE damage on impact
Arctic SN7 Silenced Pistol(S) Projectile Medium - 180-135 120GP / 7000XP Fires without map detection, slower rate of fire
Shocklance Hit Scan Energy - 700 420GP / 37500 XP Short-Range, 1400 damage back shot
Sticky Grenades Throw Attached - 1200 Free Sticks to target, Knockback
Prism Mines Placeable Splash - 800 420GP / 37500XP Explodes on enemy contact with the green laser exactly on the enemy position
Smoke Grenades Throw N/A 240GP / 21000XP Cloaks upon use, remain in stealth even when taking damage.
Sticky Grenades XL Throw Attached - 1000 160GP 9000XP Sticks to target, Knockback
Stealth Pack Self Buff Energy drain Free Camo while activated
Armor Light 800(1000) Health Free Light Weight

(P) - Primary Slot (S) - Secondary Slot


For an alternative take on the INF, read this excellent guide on /r/Tribes Or The infiltrator guide for general affairs by hugothechamp

Recommended Perks[]

Perk Slot 1

  • Safety Third gives you another mine or grenade. These are your bread and butter and having another one (in addition to increasing their area of effect) is invaluable.
  • Looter is a great option as well, getting two grenades per kill as opposed to one keeps you in the base longer. In comparison to Safety Third you are losing some initial burst capability and radius, but have more sustainability.
  • Close Combat The first level gives the player double backstab damage, meaning 1-stab kills for all light and medium classes - unless the enemy also has this perk equipped. This is especially useful when taking out stationary enemy Sentinels and Technicians.

Perk Slot 2

  • Egocentric is a solid choice if you find that you are suffering from a lot of self damage in your indoor skirmishes. Also helps you to get around the map and get to the the generator as soon as possible. A must if you do flag running while their generator is down.
  • Survivalist if taken with Looter makes every ammo drop look like the holy grail. Not only is this is quick pick-me-up, it lets you get about 40% of your energy back, which means you can easily string together a spree of infinite invisibility.
  • Quick Draw is also a strong choice if you find that you are usually very rushed in your base raids. The best way to think of quick draw is that it allows you to throw 3 grenades in the time you could normally throw 2. If that sounds like something you need, this is the perk for you.

Capture the Flag[]

The Infiltrator 'wins' when he can provide his team with a defenseless enemy base. This primarily means to destroy the generator, rendering all other base uses defenseless, and denying opponents the chance to restock on health and ammo. However if the generator isn't ready to go down the Infiltrator should start with the scanner, and then move on to the base turrets. This will allow your team to: A. get closer to the base without being detected, and B. grab the flag and occupy the base without having to worry about turrets.

Team Deathmatch[]

For TDM and other combat mods, the infiltrator is best suited for either backstabbing immobile players from cloaked or cruising around until you can find a proper situation to get a good smg rip on a passing player. Having no real explosive threats to fast moving players you will mostly rely on getting players going in straight lines in either the air or the ground and letting either your smg or pistol go crazy. The smg has a decent damage and very good rate-of-fire, so bursts from it can kill very fast. The pistol is also effective, with big damage and a quite fast optimal rate-of-fire. The Stealth Spinfusor or Jackal is great at taking out low-health targets, especially when you are in cloak. They are also decent dueling weapons with good aim.

Tactics vs. Other Classes[]

Pathfinder: They can be killed in one shot with 3 jackal grenades, a melee or a sticky or 2 Stealth Spinfusor shots but they are still quite difficult to defeat. You should generally avoid engaging one outside but indoors, you often have an advantage. If you use the Rhino SMG the opposite is true, they will be much easier to kill at medium range outdoors

Sentinel: Sentinels can easily be defeated in a number of ways. The best ways to take them out are a single melee, a sticky grenade, 2 Stealth Spinfusor shots or 3 direct jackal grenades.. You should always try to take out their drop jammer first and watch out for any claymores.

Infiltrator: There is no real easy way to win this, just use whatever weapon you have to the best of your ability. The Jackal is recommended.

Soldiers: Soldiers are a difficult class to defeat because of their thumpers and/or spinfusors but can still be easily defeated if you have the element of surprise. A backstab or a Sticky will kill an unupgraded Soldier in one shot.

Technician: Technicians can be very annoying but also your most common prey. They can be very annoying with all their deployables but they are easy to kill while repairing a generator alone and undefended. You can backstab, sticky or jackal the generator or them, both will often kill or critically damage them. Prism mines also work well in dealing with unaware Technicians coming to defend the generator. Watch out for motion sensor + turret combos because the motion sensor will pop you out of cloak and draw the turret to you.

Raiders: Raiders are often a big threat to you. If they have a jammer pack your cloaking will not work and they will often kill you. If they are using a shield pack you should be able to kill them but it could take some time. There is no real strategy to killing a Raider.

Juggernaut: Heavy classes are always very difficult to defeat for an infiltrator. Your best bet is to sneak up on them and use the tools you have as an Infiltrator- backstabs, stickies and your primary weapon. All have potential to kill them. In outdoor situations, make full advantage of your advantaged mobility as a Light class against them.

Doombringer: The same strategy as the juggernaut applies though they are often easier because they often stand still when firing the Saber Launcher, or going Heavy-on-Flag. Do not engage a Doombringer outside or far away from cover because their Chaingun will quicky kill you.

Brute: Again the same combo strategy applies but a Brute is often much harder to defeat because they are much more mobile than the other Heavy classes. If possible, avoid engaging a Brute alone.

Video Guides[]

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Infiltrator Tutorial by Vyper

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