Jammer Pack
300px-Raider jammer
Equipment Slot Pack (Area Effect)
Class Raider

Upgrade 1 +15% Radius
Upgrade 2 -25% Energy Drain
Upgrade 3 +15% Radius
Upgrade 4 -25% Energy Drain

Gold cost 240
XP cost 42000

The Jammer Pack is one of the packs used in the game Tribes: Ascend. It is used by the Raider class and is an unlockable item.


The jammer is essentailly a mobile, shorter range Drop Jammer. Activating it shrouds you and any allies within the range in a white glow and disables the markers over your head(s) making it impossible for the enemy to identify your class and sometimes causing confusion since most people are so used to identifying players by their markers. You also cannot be spotted. The jammer will scramble any enemy infiltrator's stealth. Perhaps most importantly, you and friendlies under the effect of the jammer are un-targetable by enemy turrets which lets you take them out with impunity.


If you like to play the Infiltrator and you think it needs more health and damage, take the Raider with this pack. It essentially gives you a weaker Stealth Pack, though in most cases this one wins. Like said before, using the Jammer Pack makes enemy turrets unable to attack you or any ally within its range. This makes it much stronger in coordinated raids. You can easily sneak a large force of Brutes or other heavy classes inside the base without the enemy noticing a thing. Just remember that it also scrambles enemies, so keep your distance.