At the end of a match in Tribes: Ascend, the players are all brought to the Match Summary screen. This page contains information on the previous match, including experience earned, personal stats, accolades, and team/MVP stats. This screen is shown until the next match begins in 35 seconds. There are two pages:

Player SummaryEdit

The player summary page provides personal statistics. Accolades are displayed prominently on the top of the screen. Below that is a breakdown of XP earned (and not earned, if the player does not have VIP or Boost), along with reminders about unlocks and boosts. The right side of the screen displays general statistics about the players actions during the match. On the bottom are more results and the player's rank progression.

Team SummaryEdit

The team summary page displays all players on both teams ranked by score. On the right is a display of the top accolades earned by all players, as well as Most Valuable Player statistics such as most credits earned/spent or high speeds.

This page also gives players a chance to mute others or add them as friends by clicking the buttons next to each player's name.