Equipment Slot Melee Weapon
Class All
Damage Type Direct

Damage 900 (1800 backstab w/ Close Combat)
Attack Interval 0.73
DPS 1233

The Melee weapon was introduced in Tribes: Ascend and is carried by every player. It has an extremely short range but high damage, making this weapon very good against unsuspecting enemies. Diamond Sword players use a back-sheathed sword as their melee weapon, Blood Eagles use a three-taloned claw carried on their belt while Grievers, Mercenaries and Assassins will throw a punch


To use the Melee weapon simple press the melee key (default E) and the weapon will instantly swing. Timing strikes with this weapon is challenging because the actual "hit" doesn't take place when the key is pressed but a moment after at the appropriate part of the animation. A successful strike deals 900 damage. After using the melee weapon there is a short delay before the player's previous weapon re-equips. There is no limit to the number of melee attacks a player may perform.


Using the Melee weapon effectively takes practice. While anyone can hit a stationary target even the slightest movement can throw off a strike. Often experienced players recommend turning slightly with an opponent to ensure a strike connects. Players must also account for the half-second delay between pressing the key and the strike connecting. Infiltrators often use Melee strikes because they can sneak up on enemies. Sentinels and Juggernauts, which are very often stationary, are often targets for melee weapons.

Fighting indoors often provides good opportunities for melee attacks. When rounding corners and bumping into an enemy player, try for a melee strike before backing up to fire. Also if you find yourself bouncing near the enemy during an indoor duel a quick strike can end it in your favor.

Outdoors melee attacks can still be useful. When defending the flag players can strike enemy cappers just as they are coming in for a grab. Skilled Infiltrators will wait in stealth for opportunities like this both on their own flag stand as well as the enemy's. Also when jetting players will often bump into each other in mid-air (especially in TDM); this is the perfect time to try for a melee strike.

Melee weapons can be especially useful as combo attacks. The weapon will swing as soon as the key is pressed, interrupting the firing or reloading of another weapon. Players will often use this by firing with a SMG or other weapon that won't hurt themselves and then immediately following with a melee strike. Infiltrators use this technique to destroy Light Turrets without taking damage.



There are two perks which modify the Melee weapon. The most commonly used perk is Close Combat, which reduces the amount of damage the player takes from strikes by others. The first upgrade of this perk doubles the damage when attacking from behind an enemy, bringing the damage done up to 1800.

The second perk is Sonic Punch which allows the melee weapon to deal knockback to enemies. When mastered this perk also forces enemies to drop the flag. Sonic Punch works at a greater range than a normal melee attack, however it still only deals damage at normal range, otherwise the enemy is only knocked-back.

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