The Raider and Infiltrator Skins

A Mercenary is a tribeless warrior in the Tribes universe. They are different from Grievers in that they will fight with honor as long as their contracts last. In Tribes: Ascend there are now 4 Mercenary skins; for the Infiltrator and Raider classes, and also the Crusher skin for the Brute and Executioner for the Doombringer.


  • The Raider's Merc skin is also known as the "Halo skin" to many players.
  • The Brute's Crusher skin is also known as the "Mr. T skin" by many players.

The Mercenary skin for the Raider class comes with the original default blue boost for it's jetpack. It is also known as the Halo skin, because of it's similar helmet with orange visor shield. It has several plates of greyish silver armour, which create a shining and unique effect when the Raider's default shield pack glows electric blue.

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