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Armor Type Light
Health 800 (900)
Energy 100 (110)
Primary Light Spinfusor
Bolt Launcher
Dueling Spinfusor
Light Twinfusor
Secondary Shotgun
Light Assault Rifle
Holdout Shotgun
Belt Impact Nitron
Explosive Nitron
Compact Nitron
Pack Energy Recharge
Thrust Pack
Gold cost Free
EXP cost Free

The Pathfinder is the free light starting class in the game Tribes: Ascend.


Pathfinder Ratings.png

This class has amazing speed and mobility which makes them


excellent flag Cappers/Chasers. The Pathfinder excels in hit-and-run tactics and is able to deal high damage at close range with the Shotgun. With the Impact Nitron that deals damage and knocks the flag away from the enemy, they are effective chasers, and also fill the role of Light Defense.

The Pathfinder's Energy Recharge Pack passively increases the energy regeneration rate. They are built for pure speed and can outrun any other class, but have somewhat poor one-on-one combat capabilities compared to more heavily armored opponents. The most effective tactic for Pathfinders is to knock targets back and deal great amounts of damage using splash feedback from their primary weapons. Pathfinders also have a large amount of jetpack charge and are able to stay airborne for a long time. Their Energy Recharge Pack also helps greatly using the jetpack, and with practice the Thrust Pack can be used to quickly gain speed or change directions mid-flight.


The Pathfinder currently has the following skin(s):


Armor Upgrades[]

(15000 XP Mastery)

  1. -25% Regeneration Delay
  2. +10 Energy
  3. +25% Health Regen Rate
  4. +100 Health
  5. -10% Mass
Weapon/Item (Projectile) Type Damage (Range - Dmg) Cost Effect
Light Spinfusor(P) Projectile Direct/Splash - 770/550-275 Free Spinfusor Type

Bolt Launcher(P)

Projectile Direct/Splash - 877/650-325 240GP / 21000XP Large Knockback
Dueling Spinfusor(P) Projectile Direct/Splash - 880/550-275 40GP / 2400XP Spinfusor Type
Light Twinfusor(P) Projectile Direct/Splash - 533/380-190(?) 500GP / 44000XP Spinfusor Type
Blinksfusor(P) Projectile Direct/Splash - 770/550-275 240GP / 21000XP

Spinfusor Type

100% Inheritance

Shotgun(S) Hitscan Medium- 8*80-8*30 Free Fires 8 Fletchets
Light Assault Rifle(S) Projectile Medium - 80-60 500GP / 44000XP 3-round burst
Holdout Shotgun(S) Hitscan Medium- 8*90 120GP / 7000XP Fires 8 Fletchets
Shocklance Hit Scan Energy - 700 420GP / 37500 XP Short-Range, 1400 damage back shot
Impact Nitron Thrown Direct/Splash - 300/100 Free Flag Drop when hit, Large Knockback
Explosive Nitron Thrown Direct/Splash - 650/650-190 40GP / 2400XP Large Knockback
Compact Nitron Thrown Direct/Splash - 300/90 160GP / 9000XP Flag Drop when hit, Knockback
Energy Recharge Pack Self Buff None Free Increases energy recharge rate
Thrust Pack Self Buff Expends own energy 240GP / 21000XP Propels player forward
Armor Light

800 Health

Free Low mass

(P) - Primary Slot (S) - Secondary Slot


Recommended Perks[]

Perk Slot 1

  • Ultra Capacitor What could be better for a class that craves energy than more energy? The other valid options are both accounting for a margin of error, this is the only perk in slot 1 that will actually improve your maneuverability.
  • Reach is a strong choice as it allows a greater margin of error when attempting to grab the enemy flag and return your own. The final upgrade is not helpful in regards to grabbing flags, so it is recommended to not invest in this past the grab range upgrades.
  • Safe Fall is another possibility if you find that you are often taking too much damage during your flag runs, or just in general. However more often than not this problem can be solved with more skiing practice. If you are particularly reckless however, this will help your cause. The final upgrade will protect you from the occasional shrike bump.
  • Safety Third will allow you to have 4 impact nitrons. This is especially helpful if you need to increase your speed or knock the flag out of someone's grasp. This increased radius on nitrons will also benefit players who play a primarily defensive role. The last upgrade to this perk is completely useless however, as it allows players to deploy an extra mine.
  • Stealthy Too many Technicians covering enemy flag stand? Not a problem. With Stealthy equipped, enemy turrents'(both base turrents and deployed) detection range significantly decreases and reacts slower, essentially giving you more to breathe.
  • Rage is an obvious choice for a dedicated chaser, instantly refilling energy, health and mass reduction for 15 seconds when the flag is grabbed by an enemy player. It also allows for one free disc-jump, essentially allowing you to catch up easily to the capper. As usually you will be standing near your flagstand in preparation, this allows you to use the buff to full effect.

Perk Slot 2

  • Egocentric is a fantastic choice for cappers, providing you the chance to launch yourself across the map more frequently. With this perk fully upgraded, you can survive two of your own Impact Nitrons and a Light Spinfusor shot, allowing for an incredibly effective way to gain speed. Timing your launches well will get you to the enemy base at full health (recovering from your launch during the trip) in record time. The last upgrade will not help you, as you have no applicable grenades.
  • Potential Energy is another amazing choice; frankly, everyone on the other team will be trying to kill you. This perk turns their damage against them, allowing you to stay in the air (safer) longer. This also will yield extra energy when you launch yourself.
  • Lightweight is an excellent choice for dedicated chasers, allowing for much powerful disk-jumps and speed boosts to catch up to enemy cappers. Avoid duels or getting damaged however, as it triples your regeneration delay, forcing you to often visit inventory stations to regenerate health.

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