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Perks provide permanent, passive bonuses to the player. Every player starts with one Primary Perk (Ultra Capacitor 1) and one Secondary Perk (Determination). Additional Perks can be bought for either 18,000 XP or 160 Gold, but only one Primary Perk and one Secondary Perk can be selected at a time. Perks are shared across classes, so they only need to be bought once. Perks can be upgraded by simply playing as the class with the perk equipped, since the Accelerate update went up. The final level often adds an extra ability to the perk.

Primary Perks[]

Ultra Capacitor 1[]

UltraCapacitor.png Provides 10 extra units of Energy. This is a perk all new players start with, probably to make the Energy management easier. Still, even veterans often pick this perk because you can never have too much energy. This perk cannot be upgraded.


IronGrip.png Increases the range at which you can grab the Flag. Sometimes when going at high speeds you end up missing the Flag just by a few inches... which you wouldn't if you had this perk. Needless to say, it is most popular with Pathfinders. Upgrades increase the grab range even further and the Mastery makes it work also with ammo drops.

Safe Fall[]

Reduces fall damage by 50% at base level and increases to full immunity with its second upgrade. When mastered, it also grants full immunity to vehicle runover damage. This final ability greatly increases the value of the perk as it prevents Shrikes from being able to kill the player in mid-air.

Wheel Deal[]

WheelDeal.png Reduces cost of all vehicles. When Mastered, it also provides After Burner which increases maximum Energy of vehicles. If you like vehicles, this perk is definitely for you.

Bounty Hunter[]

BountyHunter.png Earn bonus credits for kills, 200 credits per kill when upgraded. When Mastered, it also gives extra 100 points(to a total of 300 per kill) when you kill with Belt items - usually grenades. More credits means more Tactical Strikes, Orbital Strikes, vehicles and base upgrades. Just remember you need to actually kill people to get anything from this perk.

Close Combat[]

Reduces Melee damage taken. When mastered, it grants a total of 60% melee damage reduction. The first upgrade of this perk also provides a double damage bonus when striking from behind. Infiltrators often use Close Combat because it allows them to take out all Light and Medium classes with one melee strike. The defensive aspect of this perk is also useful for base defenders such as Technicians and Sentinels who are often stationary.


Looter.png Provides 50% extra ammo from ammo drops and increases to 100% with upgrades. When mastered, it also provides one additional Belt item from the ammo drops. Sometimes used in Team Deathmatch mode by Heavy classes, especially the Chain Gun wielding Doombringers.


Reduces the range at which Radar Sensors detect the player by 50%, and upgrades to 90%. When mastered it also takes 30% longer for turrets to lock on. Could be useful for Pathfinders, but there are better perks to take.

Safety Third[]

One more Belt item, which usually means a grenade. Upgrades increase radius of Belt items. When Mastered, it allows to deploy one additional belt item at a time, meaning a Sentinel could deploy four Claymores instead of three. This is a popular perk because grenades are invaluable for attackers, especially Infiltrators, who have more sticky mines for higher tier generators at hands then, or for defenders, who place mines all around the flag.


The latest version of Rage (from the Marksman update) activates when the player is within 230m of their teams flagstand and the flag is grabbed by an enemy player. With upgrades, the Rage perk instantly refills energy and health, as well as 15 seconds of mass reduction to improve disc-jumping. Finally, this perks gives players one free disc-jump (removing the self-damage) after which the rage effect is removed. This perk is intended for Chasers to help them catch up to the Capper.

Secondary Perks[]


Determination.png Additional 100 Health, up to 300, if you died without either touching the Flag or scoring a kill. Suicides don't count. New players start with this perk, most likely because new players will die a lot without scoring any kills. As soon as you stop dying constantly hovewer, select a different Perk; there's really no one who picks this when they can afford anything else.


Egocentric.png Reduced self damage. When Mastered, makes you immune to your own secondary grenade effects (White Out, EMP, etc). Extremely popular with Pathfinders who usually use their weapons to get speed at the cost of health.


10% Bonus health on vehicles you call-in, 20% when upgraded. When Mastered, provides Ejection Seat which ejects you from a vehicle when it's destroyed. This is the second perk that provides the player with vehicle superiority, the first being Wheel Deal. Since there is no way to increase damage of vehicle weapons, in a duel whoever has the more HP wins, and this is where the perk comes in. Furthermore, thanks to Ejection Seat, you can fearlessly keep fighting even when your vehicle is on its last legs.

Potential Energy[]

Converts a portion of explosions that hit you into Energy. When Mastered, it also applies to fall damage. This is a very useful perk for just about every class, from Pathfinders who tend to damage themselves when speeding to Heavy classes who can take a lot of punishment and thus - gain of extra energy to use when fighting. And if you're using a class with a Shield Pack, there really is no contest - get Potential Energy.


Survivalist.png Regenerates HP when you pick up Ammo Drops. When Mastered, you regain Energy as well. Whether in Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag midfield fighting, this is an amazing perk for any combat class that is constantly in action. Since the amount of health gained is a percentage of your total health, it's especially useful for Heavy classes, as picking up just one Ammo drop can mean enough HP gain to take another Spinfusor hit.

Super Heavy[]

SuperHeavy.png Increases your mass which decreases knockback effect of weapons. When Mastered you gain Clothes Line - anyone colliding with you will take damage proportional to the speed of the collision. This perk has a drawback - more mass means much slower acceleration (including jetpack acceleration), however, Super Heavy remains the best friend of any flag-defending Heavy.

Ultra Capacitor 2[]

UltraCapacitor.png Provides 10 extra units of Energy. This is identical to Ultra Capacitor 1 except it takes a Secondary Perk slot instead of a Primary one. That said, nothing stops you from taking both Ultra Capacitor 1 and Ultra Capacitor 2 for extra 20 Energy. If you can't decide on any particular Perk or if you want extra Energy but like Primary perks more than Secondary ones, this is for you. Just like Ultra Capacitor 1, this perk cannot be upgraded.

Quick Draw[]

Decreases the time it takes you to swap weapons. When Mastered, increases the speed at which you throw Belt items (usually grenades). Nice perk to have for any combat class. The Mastery increases the speed at which items are thrown(i.e. the pulling-the-pin animation of grenades), not speed of items themselves.


Repair tools can be used to damage enemy Base Assets with this perk. Upgrades increase repair rates by +5% for lvls 1 and 2 (this stacks with the Technician's Improved Repair Tool). When Mastered, this perk gives any vehicle you multi-crew 25% damage reduction. Mechanic is heavily tailored for Technicians, especially those who tag around in vehicles repairing them as needed. Note that the "Damage enemy assets" part also disables base turrets so they don't kill you; it takes about 24-32 seconds to destroy a level 1 base turret using this perk. Against generators it takes 30-41 seconds to destroy depending on whether or not you have the Technician's tool.

Sonic Punch[]

Adds a knockback effect when you hit an enemy with a melee attack. Mastering this perk will make the enemy drop the flag when you hit him with a melee attack. The range for knockback is slightly greater than for actual damage.



Lightweight reduces your mass by 30%, creating stronger disk jumps, but more than triples the delay before health regeneration takes effect. This perk is intended for advanced chasers.