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Map Size Large
Terrain Type Ice
Remake? No
Capture the Flag Yes
Flag Exposure Dynamic
Gen Room Entrances 6
Base Turrets 3
Capture and Hold No
CTF Blitz No
Team Deathmatch No
Arena No
Rabbit No

Permafrost is a Capture the Flag map in Tribes: Ascend. It is the first map in the game to feature an indoor flag stand. To increase the importance of the Generator, the flag stand originally moved outdoors if the generator was destroyed but in the Marksman update this was changed to a small stucture on the roof surrounded by force fields. Version 1.0.1141 further changed this by removing the side force fields leaving just the rear one.


Permafrost, as it's name suggests, is an ice map. The map features green crystal formations and blowing snow to make it more interesting to players. There is also a large ice cave that serves as a route to the enemy base. This cave is large enough to fly a Shrike through.


The base on Permafrost is a bunker-like structure with multipule entrances. The Vehicle Pad is nearby the main base and the Radar Sensor is on top. There is an Inventory Station on a covered pad outside the base (none inside). Three Base Turrets guard the perimeter of the base. The Generator is located in the heart of the base at the bottom level with many possible ways into the room. The flag is on the roof in a small covered area with a force field at the back preventing fron-back and back-front routes. If the gen is destroyed the force field goes down.