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Armor Type Medium
Health 1200 (1300)
Energy 100 (110)
Primary Grenade Launcher
ARX Buster
Plasma Gun
Dust Devil
Secondary NJ4 SMG
Desert NJ4 SMG
Belt EMP Grenade
Whiteout Grenade
Cluster Grenade
EMP Grenade XL
Pack Shield Pack
Jammer Pack
Gold cost 280
EXP cost 9000

The Raider is one of the unlockable medium classes in Tribes: Ascend. It can be unlocked for 140 Gold 9000 XP.


Raider Ratings.png

The Raider is an all around useful class, but is best suited for both direct confrontation or running interference against enemy assets. Initially the Raider is equipped with the Arx Buster as a primary weapon, which fires bursts of 3 explosive sticky rounds per clip that are highly effective against stationary and slow targets and are incredibly well suited for Generator and Base Turret destruction (as well as the destruction of Technician deployables). They explode shortly after being stuck and allow the Raider sufficient time to escape their radius or detection by their intended target. The Grenade Launcher can be purchased as a primary and allows this class to reflect explosives around corners and to take out generators efficiently; rounds will explode on impact when hitting a hostile target or asset, otherwise they will bounce off surfaces for a short period of time before exploding.

Outdoors, the NJ4 SMG can be used to dispatch foes over medium range. The SMG's shots need to be lead


slightly much like the Soldier's Assault Rifle to allow for the projectiles to intercept their target. Adding additional power this class' already exquisite weapon set are the defensive pack items: the Shield Pack and the Jammer Pack. The Shield pack allows the Raider to absorb incoming damage as deduction from his energy pool while draining energy over time when not absorbing damage. This allows the Raider to essentially count his energy pool as an addition to his health, and restore that portion of additional HP without having to duck out of battle to regenerate. The Jammer Pack allows the Raider to hide himself from enemy turrets and radar, and mask himself slightly from vision.


The Raider has the following skin(s) available:


Armor Upgrades[]

(15000 XP Mastery)

  1. -25% Regeneration Delay
  2. +50 Health
  3. +25% Health Regen Rate
  4. +10 Energy
  5. +50 Health
Weapon/Item (Projectile) Type Damage (Range - Dmg) Cost Effect
Arx Buster(P) Ballistic Splash - 600 - 325(?) Free Sticks to enemies and surfaces and explodes after a certain amount of time
Grenade Launcher(P) Ballistic Splash - 550-275(?) 240GP / 21000XP Knockback, 4 shots per clip (5 with upgrade), shots are affected by gravity
Plasma Gun(P) Projectile Splash - 500-220 500GP / 44000XP Very slight knockback, 10 shots per clip, shots not affected by gravity
Dust Devil(P) Ballistic Splash - 500 - 325(?) 160GP / 9000XP Sticks to enemies and surfaces and explodes after a certain amount of time
NJ4 SMG(S) Projectile Medium - 75-52 Free None
NJ5-B SMG(S) Projectile Medium - 140-98 420GP / 37500XP Can fire in scope, decreased fire rate
Desert NJ4 SMG(S) Projectile Medium - 70-49 160GP / 9000XP

Increased fire rate, decreased damage output

Shocklance Hit Scan Energy - 700 420GP / 37500 XP Short-Range, 1400 damage back shot
Shield Pack Active 100% Shield takes 650 damage Free Drains shield instead of taking health damage
Jammer Pack Active Drains energy while active 240GP / 21000XP Scrambles armor color, jams turrets/sensors, reveals stealth
EMP Grenade Thrown Splash - 600 Free 70% energy absorption
Cluster Grenade Thrown

Splash - 400+ 5x425

240GP / 21000XP Breaks into smaller explosives which cause additional damage
Whiteout Grenade Thrown Splash - 50-15 120GP / 7000XP Blinds opponents
EMP Grenade XL Thrown Splash - 500 160GP / 9000XP 70% energy absorption, increased radius
Armor Medium 1200 Health Free Medium Weight

(P) - Primary Slot (S) - Secondary Slot


Recommended Perks[]

Perk Slot 1

  • Bounty Hunter is probably the best choice, you will likely be doing a lot of killing, and thus will get quite a reward. A strong tool for team play, use these credits to upgrade your base, buy vehicles, and call in tactical strikes. Nothing else really compares for one of the most kill heavy classes in the game.
  • Safety Third is great for getting you extra EMP or Whiteout grenades, but should be taken with Egocentric to avoid them affecting yourself.
  • Looter is a good choice as well since destroying high level base assets will use a lot of ARX Buster or Grenade Launcher ammo and with the final upgrade you get twice as much from each ammo drop.

Perk Slot 2

  • Potential Energy is basically free propulsion when you have the shield pack. Use your own weapons as well as others' to move around the map easily.
  • Survivalist is also amazing, being constantly in the fray means that the bonus health and bonus energy (for your shield pack) is much appreciated.
  • Egocentric is great when fighting indoors because you will get knock around into your explosives. The last Upgrade is useful if you have Whiteout grenades and EMP's.

Video Guides[]

Beginner Raider Guide by Zeromethanol (DoubleCrossGaming)

Raider Class For Beginners by GrouchyGus

External Links[]

Raider Chain (Automatic) Analysis by tavarner17

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