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Map Size Huge
Terrain Type Grassland
Remake? Yes
Capture the Flag Yes
Flag Exposure Moderate
Gen Room Entrances 2
Base Turrets 3
Capture and Hold Yes
Control Points 5
CTF Blitz No
Team Deathmatch No
Arena No
Rabbit No

Raindance is a Capture the Flag and Capture and Hold map in Tribes and Tribes: Ascend. It was the most requested CTF map in the Tribes: Ascend beta. This version of the map is very true to the original although the rain is more prominent. In the Stonehenge update a second entry was added to the generator room on this map which greatly effects gameplay.



Raindance in Tribes 2

Raindance features a lush grassland terrain with rolling hills and as the title suggests, rain. A river divides the map and there are several large hills good for skiing and sniping. In the midfield are two towers and a bridge spanning the river.


The bases in Raindance consist of a tower holding the flag stand and an underground section containing Inventory Stations and the Generator. The Vehicle Pad is to the right of the main base when facing it. There is a Base Turret and Radar Sensor on the roof of the main base. In the mid-field is another turret guarding the bridge. The towers near the bridge have Inventory Stations and Radar Sensors only in C&H.


Flag RoutesEdit


Flag DefenseEdit

Flag defense is difficult on Raindance not only because the flag is open (as is common in Tribes: Ascend) but also because it is elevated. There is very little space near the flag to deploy Turrets or Force Fields, and a well-aimed mortar can hit all of it in one shot.


Place your turrets on the roof of the main base or on the hillside next to the tower, this will help catch cappers going into and coming out of their runs. You can also put them on the sides of the tower, but they will only see cappers in one direction. Place Motion Sensors in the corners of the tower to drain energy from cappers as they grab the flag and make their escape a little harder. As always be prepared to replace these defenses often.


If you're going to use Force Fields place them in the corners of the tower to provide the best coverage on the flag, this will force cappers to come in from the front which is the worst angle. Instead of this however, try only using Mines in the corners of the tower where the capper will pass over but not actually shoot. This method will often make them think no defenses have been replaced from a previous assault and cause them to fire on the flag only since they can't see the corner mines from far off. Also, a mine inside the doorway behind the flag is still within range when they grab, but sometimes out of range when they shoot the stand.


If you are defending try placing Prism Mines inside the tower with the laser coming out the doorway to hit cappers when they cross the platform.

Generator DefenseEdit

The Generator room on Raindance now has two entrances: the main one in front and a second located at the back of the top level. This second entrance is very easy to mortar- or disc-spam into and thus makes defense much more difficult.


You can place your Turrets on the top walkway right in the corners of the platform where they can see both doors. The enemy cannot get a clean shot at this location from below until they are well within range, however spam from the back will make short work of them. This will be an issue anywhere turrets are placed. Place a few motion sensors right by the entrance to catch Infiltrators and then you may as well go outside to watch for incoming heavies.


If you are defending the generator please don't place a Force Field in the lower doorway as this will prevent you or anyone else from firing in to defend it. Instead place the field over the back door to help deter spam (although it won't last long). The small area inside the base is great for mines. Place at least one on the floor on each side of the main ramp where attackers will drop down to fire on the generator. Mines on the walkways will catch some players, but many will be destroyed by weapons fire or spam. The small area inside this base makes it great for using the Heavy Bolt Launcher.

Capture and HoldEdit


Control Points on Raindance

In C&H games each control point provides a Base Turret and Radar Sensor. It take 500 points to win on this map and players compete for 5 control points:
  1. Point A is located on the bridge in the center of the map.
  2. Point B is located inside one of the two towers near the bridge.
  3. Point C is located inside one of the main bases used for Capture the Flag
  4. Point D is located inside the other tower near the bridge.
  5. Point E is located inside the other base used for Capture the Flag.

Video GuidesEdit

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