SN7 Silenced Pistol
Equipment Slot Secondary Weapon
Class Infiltrator
Damage Type Projectile


Fire Rate

Clip Size

Damage 170
DPS 944
Clip Size 12 (16)
Ammo Count 60 (84)

Upgrade 1 +24 Ammo
Upgrade 2 -30% Reload Time
Upgrade 3 +4 Clip Size

Gold cost Free w/ Class Unlock
XP cost Free w/ Class Unlock

The SN7 Silenced Pistol is a semi-automatic projectile weapon used by the Infiltrator class in the game Tribes: Ascend.


The SN7 fires one shot each time the fire button is pressed. Though semi-automatic, it has a high rate of fire and is very accurate at long range. It is not a hitscan weapon, requiring players to lead their targets (like the chaingun/cannon, The sn7 rounds do travel slower than rounds of the other weapons).   The SN7 is designed to allow the Infiltrator to quickly return to stealth mode after firing. Despite the name this weapon is not actually silenced, other players can still hear it fired from the same distance as any other weapon.


The damage per bullet is much higher than the Infiltrator's Rhino SMG, so if you have a good several shots lined up on an unsuspecting victim then you are better off using the pistol (or possibly melee).

The SN7 is a great finishing weapon when combined with the Stealth Spinfusor, for fleeing or air-borne targets.


The Pistol deals 136 damage to generators, but does not deal damage to radars or base turrets.

On player targets, the Pistol deals 170 damage, but has fall-off damage the further away the target is.

It takes 6 hits to kill a light armored enemy.

It takes 8-9 hits to kill a medium armored enemy.

It takes 15 hits to kill a heavy armored enemy.