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Armor Type Light
Health 800 (900)
Energy 90 (100)
Primary BXT1 Rifle
Phase Rifle
BXT1-A Rifle
SAP20 Sniper Rifle
Secondary Nova Blaster
Falcon Pistol
Nova Blaster MX
Accurized Shotgun
Belt Claymore Mine
T5 Grenade
Focused Claymore Mine
Motion Mine
Pack Recharge Pack
Drop Jammer
Gold cost 160
EXP cost 7200

The Sentinel is one of the unlockable light classes in the game Tribes: Ascend. It can be unlocked for 100 Gold or 7200 XP.


Sentinel Ratings.png

This class has a Drop Jammer as its deployable. The Drop Jammer can be utilized for hiding the Sentinel's sniping location or placed on the flag stand to reveal Infiltrators from stealth and camouflage friendly defenders. The Claymore Mines can also be used either for personal, asset, or objective defense while the T5 Grenade is more offensively oriented.

The Sentinel has a few choices when going onto the field. Both the BXT1 Rifle and the Phase Rifle will restrict his movement ability, the BXT1 Rifle requires he remain scoped for 3 seconds to get the maximum damage on his shot, while the Phase Rifle Will use 90 of his energy to fire a maximum damage shot. In accordance to his rifle choice, the Sentinel may also want to consider his pack choices, opting for more energy generation with his Energy Recharge Pack, or going for more team support with the Drop Jammer. It should be worth noting the charge up time on the BXT1 Rifle; a fully charged shot will do 500 damage, and it takes 3 seconds to fully charge a shot. The Phase Rifle, on the other hand, does 510 damage scoped or not, but it requires 90 energy. If you choose the Phase Rifle, it is recommended to take the Energy Regeneration Pack.


In order to give cappers a bigger time frame before they get shot by Sentinels again, killing a Sentinel adds five additional seconds to his respawn timer, regardless of him switching to another class while dead or not. Therefore, in order to give the team capper enough leeway to escape without damage, killing the Sentinel in conjunction with the capper grabbing the flag is usually essential.


The Sentinel currently has the following skin(s):


Armor Upgrades[]

(15000 XP Mastery)

  1. -25% Regeneration Delay
  2. +10% Run Speed
  3. +25% Health Regen Rate
  4. +100 Health
  5. +10 Energy
Weapon/Item (Projectile) Type Damage (Range - Dmg) Cost Effect
BXT1 Rifle(P) Hit Scan Extreme - 500 Free Must be scoped for full damage
Phase Rifle(P) Hit Scan Extreme - 510 500 Gold / 44000 XP Consumes 90 Energy
BXT1-A Rifle(P) Hit Scan Extreme - 500 160 Gold / 9000 XP Must be scoped for full damage
SAP20 Sniper Rifle(P) Hit Scan Extreme - 575 500 Gold / 44000 XP Consumes 100 Energy
Nova Blaster(S) Projectile Short/Medium - 350 Free Bounces off surfaces twice, Projectile disappears after short time
Falcon(S) Projectile Medium - 65-47 (?) 500 Gold / 44000 XP Has 20% larger hitbox
Nova Blaster MX(S) Projectile Short/Medium - 250 160 Gold / 9000 XP Bounces off surfaces twice, Projectile disappears after short time
Accurized Shotgun(S) Hitscan Projectile Short - 70*8 fletchets 240 Gold / 21000 XP Fire 8 hitscan fletchets, tighter spread than normal Shotguns
Shocklance Hit Scan Energy - 700 420GP / 37500 XP Short-Range, 1400 damage back shot
Claymore Mine Placed Object Direct - 700 Free Explodes when tripped
T5 Grenade Thrown Direct/Splash - 812/580-330 120GP / 7000XP Minor Knockback
Focused Claymore Mine Placed Object Direct - 600 160 Gold / 9000 XP Explodes when tripped, larger trigger radius
Motion Mine Placed Object Direct - 700 240 Gold / 21000 XP Detonates when enemy passes above 120 kph, 360 degree trigger radius, smaller trigger distance
Drop Jammer Placed Object n/a Free Disrupts enemy radar
Energy Recharge Pack Self Buff n/a 240 Gold / 21000 XP Increased energy regeneration
Armor Light

800 Health

Free Light Weight

(P) - Primary Slot (S) - Secondary Slot


Recommended Perks[]

Perk Slot 1

  • Bounty Hunter is ideal for you in just about every way, considering Sentinels have the most reliable way to kill people in the game. With an extra 200 credits per kill, you can get ammo supply drops in record time and keep the enemy flag clean with tactical strikes.
  • Looter is another option if you want to be able to be all over the map, instead of staking out in one place. Problem is, once you kill someone, you actually have to get over there to pick up their ammo drop. Fortunately with looter you'll only need to do this once before you're basically back to full.
  • Safety Third makes your claymores deadly and numerous. If you often get hunted down, this will help you cover your exits. Also fantastic with the Motion Mines; additional death to cappers is always good.
  • Close Combat is a useful passive ability if you tend to camp out in one particular area, where enemy light units, particularly Infiltrators, will target you. Normally, single hit from an enemy melee will kill you instantly, and spending long periods of time scoped in makes you more vulnerable to being flanked in this fashion. Having this melee resistance will allow you to either make a successful escape, or repel your attacker.
  • Rage is a decent choice for capper-killers, as it instantly refills your energy with the Phase rifle/SAP20, allowing you to get one full-charge shot off without having to wait.

Perk Slot 2

  • Both the Ultra Capacitors in general gives you a bit more maneuverability, also gives you extra damage on the Phase Rifle/SAP20. There really aren't any "essential" things in Slot 2, though.
  • Survivalist gets an honorable mention since it will allow you to get away from the ammo drop faster. The health gain is not substantial enough to make a difference though.
  • Quick Draw is also an honorable mention since it will allow you to quickly respond to attackers such as backstabbing Infiltrators. It also allows you to place Claymores much more quickly, allowing to return to your camping spot ASAP.

Video Guides[]

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