Equipment Slot Not restricted
Class Light
Damage Type Hitscan Bullet


Fire Rate

Clip Size

Damage 80 (80-35)
Clip Size 12 (12)

The Sparrow is a hitscan projectile weapon used by the light class in the game Tribes: Ascend. With the edition of version 1.1 of Tribes: Ascend, it is automatically unlocked for the light armored class. Note: It was originally a technician only weapon


The Sparrow is a semi-automatic weapon with long range. It deals 80 damage and has a quick firing rate, but a high rate of damage drop-off. This is a hitscan weapon so players do not have to lead moving targets. This weapon is primarily used as a finishing weapon to kill wounded enemies at a distance, or as a way to prevent the enemy's Health Regeneration. The Sparrow was typically used by Technicians operating away from the base, such as vehicle pilots, since they must give up their Improved Repair Tool to wield it. Now however, medium classes can wield an advanced repair tool (Extremely similar to an Improved Repair Tool) and still wield an eagle pistol .(Wich is extremely similar to a sparrow)