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Spinfusor MKD
Juggernaut Spinfusor MKD.png
Equipment Slot Secondary Weapon
Class Juggernaut
Damage Type Explosive



Fire Rate

Damage 840
DPS 600
Clip Size 1

Upgrade 1 +5 Ammo
Upgrade 2 +20% Damage vs Armored
Upgrade 3 +5 Ammo

Gold cost Free
XP cost Free

The Spinfusor MKD is an explosive weapon used by the Juggernaut class in Tribes: Ascend.


The Juggernaut's Spinfusor modification is nearly the same as the classic 'medium' Spinfusor used by the Soldier class. Aside from its green coloration, the Spinfusor MKD has a greater area of effect than regular Spinfusors and slightly larger knockback, but less damage. It fires in a straight line over long distance like all spinfusors, making it a good weapon for destroying base assets. Due to relatively slow speed but high health of a Juggernaut, this weapon is useful for gaining horizontal speed.