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The Light Spinfusor is the most similar to those found in previous Tribes games.

The Spinfusor is the mainstray and iconic weapon of the entire Tribes series. While at a glance similar to rocket launchers of all kinds found in other FPS games, it has enough differences to set it in a class of its own. Unlike other Tribes games which had one general "Spinfusor" every class could pick up and use, Tribes: Ascend features a whole array of different Spinfusors for different classes, which are listed below along with some general characteristics all of them share.


The Spinfusor fires a single explosive disc with 100% accuracy when firing from a standstill. The disc is not affected by gravity, does not lose velocity and will fly in a perfectly straight line until it hits something or reaches the weapon's maximum range, which will cause it to automatically explode. Hovewer, just like most weapons in Tribes: Ascend the range is large compared to weapons in other FPS's and you can usually hit things even half a map away.

What sets Spinfusor apart from similar weapons in other games (i.e. Quake's Rocket Launcher) is inheritance. Inheritance means that any projectile weapon in the game will be affected by your movement speed and direction. For example if you're traveling forward and fire the Spinfusor, the disc will fly faster than as if you fired it when standing still. When you're strafing left and fire the Spinfusor when your crosshair is directly on an immobile enemy, the disc will miss and land left of him. This makes the Spinfusor a weapon easy to pick up but very hard to master.

Spinfusors deal most damage on direct hit, hovewer because direct hits are usually hard to pull off, fortunately they also deal splash damage. Amount of damage on both direct and splash hits depends on the Spinfusor type; amount of splash damage depends on how far away the target was from the center of the explosion.

All Spinfusors cause knockback. This is more important than knockback in most other FPS games because Tribes: Ascend is a game based on movement and direction of movement. Hitting an enemy with a Spinfusor will usually disrupt his movement, and you can even use the knockback to your advantage by shooting ground under/behind you when skiing to gain velocity at the cost of health.

There are several different Spinfusors in the game, each with their own characteristics.




Class: Soldier
Disc damage: 910
Splash damage: 650-325
Normal knockback

The standard issue Spinfusor, instantly recognizable to any Tribes veteran. While it fires a bit slower than ones in previous games, the overall % DPS remains the same and it remains one of the most dependable and versatile weapons in the game - the only limiting factor being your ability to aim it properly. The Spinfusor was a default weapon of the Soldier class, but after it was merged with the Ranger it's now an unlockable weapon. Medium reload speed, tied with the Juggernaut's Spinfusor MKD.

Heavy Spinfusor[]

Heavy Spinfusor

Class: Brute
Disc damage: 1050
Splash damage: 750-375
Large knockback

While in previous Tribes games even Heavy classes had to go with the default generic Spinfusor, in Tribes: Ascend the Heavies finally get bigger toys. The Heavy Spinfusor deals huge damage and has a lot of knockback as well, though it carries less ammo and reloads more slowly than other Spinfusors.

Devastator Spinfusor[]


Class: Brute
Disc damage: 1204
Splash damage: 700-350
Medium-Large knockback

The Devastator Spinfusor is the most powerful spinfusor in Tribes: Ascend. It deals massive damage upon a direct hit but deals less splash damage with a larger splash radius than the Heavy Spinfusor. This Spinfusor has a gold disk trail, similar to the Twinfusor weapons.

Spinfusor MKD[]

Spinfusor MKD

Class: Juggernaut
Disc damage: 840
Splash damage: 600-300
Huge knockback

An interesting twist on the normal Spinfusor which actually deals less damage but provides largest knockback in the game which will really throw light classes (and flags) around. The lowered damage combined with large knockback can also be effectively used by Juggernauts to boost their normally limited speed when skiing. The disc has a green trail instead of a blue one. Medium reload speed, tied with the Soldier's Spinfusor.

Spinfusor MK-X[]


Class: Juggernaut
Disc damage: 924
Splash damage: 660-330
Medium knockback

The MK-X is a modification of the MKD which functions as a slightly more powerful version of the Soldier's Spinfusor. It is a replacement secondary weapon for the Juggernaut which deals more direct hit damage but has a smaller radius and less knockback than the MKD.

Light Spinfusor[]

Light Spinfusor

Class: Pathfinder
Disc damage: 770
Splash damage: 550-275
Low-medium knockback

While it lacks the power of a regular Spinfusor, most Pathfinders use their weapons to boost themselves when skiing anyway - so the decreased damage is actually a welcome change. Hovewer, the Light Spinfusor also remains a decent combat weapon. Reloads at a higher rate than the Soldier's, the Juggernaut's and the Brute's associated Spinfusors.

Dueling Spinfusor[]


Class: Pathfinder
Disc damage: 880
Splash damage: 550-275
Low-medium knockback

The Dueling Spinfusor is used by the Pathfinder as an alternative primary weapon. It deals more damage on a direct hit, but has a smaller splash radius than the Light Spinfusor, making this weapon a better choice for advanced players who are confident of their aim. This spinfusor has a green disk/trail.


The Blinksfusor is an alternative weapon of the Pathfinder, which deals the same damage as the Dueling Spinfusor, but with a very interesting twist- the weapon's projectiles are fully affected by 100% inheritance. As such, this weapon is intended for experienced players with a good idea on how to make use of the 100% inheritance of the projectile. This weapon is well-suited for cappers and chasers.

Class: Pathfinder
Disc damage: 880
Splash damage: 550-275
Low-medium knockback

Stealth Spinfusor[]

Stealth Spinfusor

Class: Infiltrator
Disc damage: 700
Splash damage: 500-250
Low knockback

The weakest version of the Spinfusor comes with a nice perk to compensate: it allows you to cloak yourself after firing much faster than when using a "non-silenced" weapon. The reduced knockback makes lining up subsequent shots on a surprised enemy easier. The Stealth Spinfusor is an unlockable weapon. The disc has a red trail instead of a blue one.



Class Pathfinder, Soldier, Juggernaut
Disc Damage
     Light 533
     Medium 562
     Heavy 616
Splash Damage (????)
Medium knockback

A modified version of the normal Spinfusor, the Twinfusors fire two disks in rapid succession instead of one and requires a reload after firing these. These disks deal lower initial damage, but slightly more damage if both disks connect. It is an unlockable weapon. These Spinfusor variants all have an orange/golden trail instead of a blue one.