Sticky Grenades
Infil sticky
Equipment Slot Belt Item (Thrown)
Class Infiltrator
Damage Type Explosive



Damage 1000 (1000-300)
Attack Interval 0.87
Ammo Count 2 (4)

Upgrade 1 +1 Ammo
Upgrade 2 +10% Radius
Upgrade 3 +20% Damage vs Armored
Upgrade 4 +1 Ammo

Gold cost Free w/ Class Unlock
XP cost Free w/ Class Unlock
Mastering cost 15000

Sticky Grenades are thrown explosive weapons used by the Infiltrator class in the game Tribes: Ascend.


When thrown the Sticky Grenades travel in a short arc and will stick to the first surface they come into contact with. Once thrown, they detonate after a short delay. Stickies deal explosive damage and are great for taking out base assets.


These are the entire reason to play the Infiltrator. These grenades are likely the most dangerous offhand weapon in the game, with a massive radius, the ability to stick to players and surfaces, and their massive damage, even to armored units. At most, the Infiltrator can have 5 of these grenades (with the Safety Third perk fully upgraded), and gets another from every player's drop box they pick up. These are usually the reason base equipment and generators have been destroyed. With all five grenades indoors, the infiltrator can handle almost any problem.

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