Thrust Pack
Thrust pack
Equipment Slot Pack (Self Effect)
Class Pathfinder

Upgrade 1 -6% Energy Drain
Upgrade 2 Increased Thrust Potency
Upgrade 3 -6% Energy Drain

Gold cost 240
XP cost 42000

The Thrust Pack is an alternate pack used by the Pathfinder . It allows the user to generate a large amount of acceleration in the current direction in which they are traveling. The Thrust Pack can only propel the pathfinder to certain speed, once the player reaches that speed the thrust will not propel the player any faster. The actual distance boost it provides is minimal, try to use it when already traveling at high speeds, such as when falling, to make the boost more noticable. It is recomended to avoid using the pack for short distances, as it drains energy to use this function. Thus do not use the pack to aid your jumps, only your falls.