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Tribes 2 (commonly abbreviated to T2) is the second game in the Tribes series and considered the best by most of the community that had played the original games.


It is year 3941, players must choose to be a soldier in one of the factions such as the Children of Phoenix, the Blood Eagle, the Diamond Sword, and the Star Wolf. If players don't like this option they can be the Bioderms, who are a slave race made by the Earth Empire to be labor and soliders . The different tribes and bioderm are equal in gear, class choices, and combat abilities.


This is a multiplayer online game that can fit up to 64 players or bots. Players can move on foot, on a jet pack, or in vehicles.

Possible game modes include - Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Arena, Rabbit, Hunters, Duel-MOD, Siege, Gauntlet, and Bounty. Many game modes are availible for both team-play and free-for-all.

One of the key elements of this game is the jet pack power-flight. This adds vertical elements to the battle.

The large variety of equipment and deployable items results in many opportunities for creative play and tactics.


This game was built specifically to encourage playing as clans. However as the game went on and clans weakened, the gameplay shifted away from these modes. Players eventually began to reform this game through various mods and alterations.

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