Tribes Aerial Assault

Tribes Aerial Assault is the third game in the Tribes (series). It was released on Playstation 2.


It is the year 3945 A.C. (five years after the events of Tribes 2). On the frontier "Wilderzone" of human space, hardy neo-barbarian tribes compete for possession of new worlds. Tribal warriors enter combat in powered armor, relying on skill and bravery to win glory.

BioDerm Hordes have started to invade tribal space. Though the tribes boast of being the finest warriors humanity has ever produced, they face a genetically modified race that has literally bred itself for battle. The stakes are epic, and the Wilderzone is aflame with a new kind of war.

The player controls J.Ransom, a recently-recruited newblood. After a training segment, the story follows J. Ransom through missions to fight off the BioDerm horde and keep control of tribal space.

Gameplay Edit

This game is a first person shooter, that emphasizes mobility. The game has the following modes.

  • Capture The Flag
  • Capture and hold
  • Hunter
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Deathmatch

Online ServersEdit

Servers for this game were shut down in November 2008.

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