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The Voice Game System (VGS) is the communication tool in Tribes: Ascend. VGS is to coordinate attack, defenses, as well as jeer at the opponent. Using a series of simple keystrokes a wide variety of information may be passed between players. The standard voices used by default vary depending on the type of class the player is using (higher voices for lighter classes, deeper ones for heavy classes) and custom Voice Packs are also available. Below are the keystrokes for all the commands available.


VGS Commands[]

Shortcut Command Description Category Subcategory
VGCA Awesome Global Compliment
VGCG Good game Global Compliment
VGCN Nice move Global Compliment
VGCS Great shot Global Compliment
VGCY You Rock Global Compliment
VGRA Any Time Global Respond
VGRD Don't know I don't know. Global Respond
VGRT Thanks Global Respond
VGRW Wait Global Respond
VGTA Awww... Awww, that's too bad! Global Taunt
VGTB Best you can do? Is that the best you can do? Global Taunt
VGTG I am the greatest! Global Taunt
VGTT THAT was graceful! Global Taunt
VGTW When will you learn? Global Taunt
VGY Yes Global
VGN No Global
VGH Hi Global
VGB Bye Global
VGO Ooops Global
VGQ Quiet Global
VGS Shazbot SHAZBOT Global
VGW Woohoo Global
VAA Attack Attack
VAB Base Attack the enemy base! Attack
VAC Chase Chase the enemy flag carrier! Attack
VAD Disrupt Disrupt the enemy defense! Attack
VAF Flag Get the enemy flag! Attack the enemy flag. This generally means the Heavy Offence should target the enemy flag stand as a capper is coming in for a run and needs a clear path. Attack
VAG Generator Destroy the enemy generator! Attack
VAR Reinforce Reinforce the offense. Attack
VAS Sensors Destroy the enemy sensors! Attack
VAT Turrets Destroy enemy turrets! Attack
VAV Vehicle Destroy the enemy vehicle! Attack
VAW Wait Wait for my signal before attack. Good time to get in position. Attack
VDB Base Defend our base! Defend
VDC Flag carrier Defend the flag carrier! Defend
VDE Entrances Defend the entrances! Defend
VDF Flag Defend our flag! Defend
VDG Generator Defend our generator! A way to let the team know somebody is in the generator room. Defend
VDM Me Cover me! Generally used when you have the flag. Defend
VDR Reinforce Reinforce our defense! Defend
VDS Sensors Defend our sensors! Defend
VDT Turrets Defend our turrets! Defend
VDV Vehicle Defend our vehicle! Defend
VRG Generator Repair our generator! Repair
VRS Sensors Repair our sensors! Repair
VRT Turrets Repair our turrets! Repair
VRV Vehicle Repair the vehicle! Repair
VBC Clear Our base is clear. Base
VBE Enemy in base The enemy is in our base. Base
VBR Retake Retake our base! Base
VBS Secure Secure our base! Base
VCA Acknowledged Command
VCC Completed Command
VCD Declined Command
VCW Assignment? What's my assignment? Command
VED Disarray The enemy is in disarray. Enemy
VEG Generator destroyed The enemy generator is destroyed. Enemy
VES Sensors destroyed The enemy sensors are destroyed. Enemy
VET Turrets destroyed The enemy turrets are destroyed. Enemy
VEV Vehicle destroyed The enemy vehicle is destroyed. Enemy
VFD Defend Defend our flag! Flag
VFF I have the flag I have the flag! Can indicate you are about to take the flag at high speeds so others don't take it. Flag
VFG Give me Give me the flag! Flag
VFR Retrieve Retrieve our flag! Flag
VFS Secure Our flag is secure! Flag
VFT Take Take the flag from me! Flag
VNC Covering fire Need covering fire. Need
VND Driver I need a driver. Need
VNE Escort I need an escort. Need
VNH Hold vehicle Hold that vehicle! I'm coming! Need
VNR I need a ride Need
VNS Support I need support! Need
VNV Vehicle ready Vehicle ready. Need a ride? Need
VNW Where to? Need
VSAA Attack I will attack. Self Attack
VSAB Base I will attack the enemy base. Self Attack
VSAF Flag I'll go for the enemy flag. Self Attack
VSAG Generator I'll attack the enemy generator. Self Attack
VSAS Sensors I'll attack the enemy sensors. Self Attack
VSAT Turrets I'll attack the enemy turrets. Self Attack
VSAV Vehicle I'll attack the enemy vehicle. Self Attack
VSDB Base I will defend our base. Self Defend
VSDD Defend I will defend. Self Defend
VSDF Flag I will defend our flag. Self Defend
VSDG Generator I'll defend our generator. Self Defend
VSDS Sensors I'll defend our sensors. Self Defend
VSDT Turrets I'll defend our turrets. Self Defend
VSDV Vehicle I'll defend our vehicle. Self Defend
VSRB Base I'll repair our base. Self Repair
VSRG Generator I'll repair our generator. Self Repair
VSRS Sensors I'll repair our sensors. Self Repair
VSRT Turrets I'll repair our turrets. Self Repair
VSRV Vehicle I'll repair the vehicle. Self Repair
VSTC Cover I'll cover you. Self Task
VSTD Set up defenses I'll set up defenses. Self Task
VSTF Deploy forcefields I'll deploy forcefields. Self Task
VSTO On it I'm on it. Self Task
VSTS Deploy sensors I'm deploying sensors. Self Task
VSTT Deploy turrets I'm deploying turrets. Self Task
VSTV Vehicle I'll get a vehicle ready. Self Task
VTA Acquired Target acquired. Target
VTB Base Target the enemy base! I'm in position. Target
VTD Destroyed Target destroyed. Target
VTF Flag Target the enemy flag! I'm in position. Target
VTM Fire on my target Target
VTN Need I need a target painted! Target
VTS Sensors Target the sensors! I'm in position. Target
VTT Turret Target the turret! I'm in position. Target
VTV Vehicle Target the vehicle! I'm in position. Target
VTW Wait Wait! I'll be in range soon. Target
VWE Enemies Incoming hostiles! Warning
VWV Vehicle Incoming enemy vehicle! Warning
VVY Yes Very Quick
VVN No Very Quick
VVA Anytime Very Quick
VVB Base secure? Is our base secure? Very Quick
VVC Cease fire Very Quick
VVD Don't know I don't know. Very Quick
VVH Help! Very Quick
VVM Move Very Quick
VVS Sorry Very Quick
VVT Thanks Very Quick
VVW Wait Very Quick

Game-Specific Commands[]

The following VGS commands are usable only in certain game-modes:

Capture the Flag[]

  • [VFQ]: “I’ll retrieve our flag!”
  • [VUG] (CTF only): “Upgrade our generator!”
  • [VUS] (CTF only): “Upgrade our sensors!”
  • [VUT] (CTF only): “Upgrade our base turrets!”
  • [VSUG] (CTF only): “I’ll upgrade our generator.”
  • [VSUS] (CTF only): “I’ll upgrade our sensors.”
  • [VSUT] (CTF only): “I’ll upgrade our base turrets.”

Capture and Hold[]

  • [VA1] (C&H only): “Attack point A!”
  • [VA2] (C&H only): “Attack point B!”
  • [VA3] (C&H only): “Attack point C!”
  • [VA4] (C&H only): “Attack point D!”
  • [VA5] (C&H only): “Attack point E!”
  • [VD1] (C&H only): “Defend point A!”
  • [VD2] (C&H only): “Defend point B!”
  • [VD3] (C&H only): “Defend point C!”
  • [VD4] (C&H only): “Defend point D!”
  • [VD5] (C&H only): “Defend point E!”
  • [VSA1] (C&H only): “I’ll attack point A.”
  • [VSA2] (C&H only): “I’ll attack point B.”
  • [VSA3] (C&H only): “I’ll attack point C.”
  • [VSA4] (C&H only): “I’ll attack point D.”
  • [VSA5] (C&H only): “I’ll attack point E.”
  • [VSD1] (C&H only): “I’ll defend point A.”
  • [VSD2] (C&H only): “I’ll defend point B.”
  • [VSD3] (C&H only): “I’ll defend point C.”
  • [VSD4] (C&H only): “I’ll defend point D.”
  • [VSD5] (C&H only): “I’ll defend point E.”

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